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A Look at How Osteopathy Works and How a Toronto Osteopath Helps You

A fairly significant proportion of visits to medical practitioners involve pain affecting bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps you could do with the services of a good Toronto osteopath. This form of massage therapy was developed by American surgeon Andrew Still in the 19th century, and rose to such popularity that it is still being practised all over the world. It offers patients a gentle, soothing way to relieve pain or stiffness that can appear in the joints and muscles in adult life.

Although it’s most commonly associated with neck and back pain, a trained osteopath can help people suffering from a varied range of conditions, such as most sports injuries, repetitive strain injury and postural problems which are common in many different professions. Medical issues that require the services of an osteopath are extremely prevalent in people over the age of 50, usually manifesting as a consistent pain, stiffness or occasional minor spasms in the spine.

A good osteopath uses his skills to relieve such tension in the body, particularly the muscles and ligaments, to bring the body back to a loose and comfortable state all over. In many cases of osteoporosis, osteopathic treatment can also be a huge relief to any aches and pains a person may be suffering from.

Although osteopathy promises a lot in the way of managing your pain, you should know a little more about the actual treatment before calling anyone up. A consultation with an osteopath usually takes 40 minutes to an hour, which will involve you describing the physical issues you want remedied, as well as a quick and thorough physical by the practitioner.

If everything checks out and the therapy can proceed, the osteopath will then treat you using a variety of different hands-on massage techniques. These include, but are not limited to, massage, soft tissue stretching, and what those in the profession refer to as “muscle energy technique”, which is a technique specifically developed to reduce muscle spasms.

If you’ve had a one-off recent injury and you consult a recommended osteopathy clinic like Sage Health and Wellness Clinic Inc. as soon as possible, your treatment may be over in just one simple session. Just remember that if your physical problems are chronic and persistent, you may need your therapy to be spread across several sessions.


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