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Shiatsu is a natural therapy that can help relieve tension and harmonize bodily functions. During a treatment session, the therapist may use palms, thumbs, elbows or knees to apply comfortable, sustained pressure to the body. Oils are not used and lose comfortable clothing is worn during the treatment.
During a shiatsu treatment, the therapist applies pressure to the areas where the Qi (energy) is insufficient, or its flow is distorted or stagnated. When the right amount of holding pressure is applied the flow returns to normal, and the excess or blocked energy is dispersed.

In western terms, shiatsu calms the overactive sympathetic nervous system and promotes the healing, restful state of the parasympathetic nervous system. Deep relaxation and balance can be experienced, stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.

45 Minutes $81.00

60 Minutes $99.00

90 Minutes $135.00

Does not include HST