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Acupuncture in Toronto: Helping You Shed Off the Unhealthy Weight

People dealing with excess weight would want to shed as many kilograms as possible and commit themselves to a heathy lifestyle. Some people may recommend strenuous exercise and changes in diet, but others might even attempt alternative strategies such as acupuncture. An article posted on the Dr. OZ Show website states that if utilised properly as a “multi-prong approach,” the well-known traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) procedure may work in tapping more energy conduits to burn off fat and reduce one’s weight.

Toronto residents may have something to look forward to, considering the danger that obesity presents regardless of age. A joint study by the University of British Columbia, McGill University, and the University of Calgary concluded that the most obese could see their life expectancies shortened by eight years. When the thought of living those many years longer does weigh in on people who’ve put on too much weight, they’d know it’s time for them to steer into a healthier direction through acupuncture in Toronto wellness centres such as Sage Health and Wellness Clinic Inc.


The use of acupuncture as part of a weight-loss treatment programme may be based on how TCM views the energy channels that control weight gain and metabolism. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine tags this to imbalances in the energy channels linking the liver, thyroid gland, the spleen, and the kidneys with the brain, due to problems with sugar and water retention. The imbalances may be due to heat buildup from energy blockages.

Leading by the Ear

Another vital organ touted as a key element in suppressing cravings is the ears. According to the Dr. Oz article, sterilised needles will be put at four specific points in the ear and will have to be left undisturbed for a specific period of time. The objective is to stimulate the channels in the ear related to metabolic functions.

Part of the Whole

While acupuncture has its own merits for helping your body fight against unnecessary cravings and stimulates metabolism, it’s by no means a be-all and end-all solution. You need to plan an effective weight-loss programme that includes proper diet and exercise.

Every option to safely lose weight must be considered for you to relish every moment of your life. Undergoing Toronto acupuncture treatment should never be discounted and is always worth a try. Book an appointment today!


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