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Sports Massage: Easing Neck, Back Strain for Tired Office Workers

Though the perception of sports massage is that it is solely reserved for athletes, this type of massage, also known as deep tissue massage, can offer huge benefits for millions of office workers, including those in one of the busiest commercial cities in the world, Toronto.  Numerous workers daily will spend hours at a time in front of their computers and in meetings, and this can lead to uncomfortable, painful, and potentially harmful back problems. Here are five benefits of a good massage in Toronto for the city’s office workers.

1. Pain Relief

Few workers are lucky enough to have an ergonomic desk or cubicle set up for them. When the discomfort sets in, massage can relieve the tension of back muscles that have become strained from hours in a sedentary position and minimal movement in front of a computer. A massage helps loosen and relax the muscles to restore ease of movement.

2. Improved Mobility

Neck muscles also suffer from being hunched over laptops and keyboards for hours on end. Loosening up these tense muscles will lead to a freer sense of mobility and ease, allowing the body to resume its usual activity.  Triggers for neck strain includes holding an awkward position for any prolonged period, such as cradling a phone in the crook of the neck, or holding the neck in a certain bent position while working.

3. Less Stress

Less pain equals less stress, and the less stressed a person is, the less the distraction on the body, and the more he or she can focus on the work at hand. A skilled sports massage therapist from clinics that offer holistic care, such as the Sage Health & Wellness Clinic, can help a tired office worker to understand the body’s physical responses to stress, while also recommending ways to avoid unnecessary strain on the body.

4. Pain Prevention

Sports massage, by performing deep tissue pressure, relaxes tight or strained muscles through the production of heat and the release of oxygenated blood to the problem areas. It helps loosen stuck muscles that have “knotted” up. Ease and health occurs from this restored flow of energy in the body. Furthermore, the body’s production of adrenaline, which initially aids in responding to stressful situations, slows down. Sports massage helps relax the body with the release of dopamine and serotonin hormones, which signal it to loosen up

5. Improved Efficiency

Being pain and stress-free at work will serve to make workers more efficient and productive. For business owners, this should also mean fewer days lost due to sickness, given the impressive statistics in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada, of workers’ absences each year attributed to back and body pain or injury.