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The Sage Health and Wellness Mission: Improving YOUR Quality of Living

The present landscape of pain management in Canada is far from ideal. The complexity of the symptom, because of its several triggers or causes and its different presentations, makes it difficult to treat. It doesn’t help that many patients are dependent on medications (most of which are addictive, and some drugs like codeine are easily accessible even without prescriptions). Some individuals would also limit themselves to prescribed drugs or simply tolerate the intense discomfort without exploring alternative or complementary options.

What makes these things problematic is the impact of pain (and any other discomfort or stress) to the lives of those who have it. Chronic pain is one of the causes—if not the leading cause—of disability among Canadians (at least one in five of us have it), and many others are affected by acute pain or debilitating emotional tension. These factors can make their daily lives miserable and hinder them from enjoying their usual functions or recreational activities.

If you’re one of the many people experiencing misery from their bodily or mental strains, then a clinic like Sage Health and Wellness can be your refuge, as it aims to improve the quality of living of people just like you. Our services are designed to help you create and achieve your wellness goals to make a huge positive difference on how you spend every day of your life.

A Mesh of Treatments

The practitioners on our team specialize in different fields, including massage therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, and naturopathy. These specialties can be used together and customized to your unique health requirements (our multidisciplinary approach) to help you achieve an optimal wellbeing. That means, we not only treat your physical symptoms but also aim to heal your mind through our therapies.

Aside from getting therapies in the clinic, you will also be provided instructions in the lifestyle changes that you can apply to aid your wellness goals. We make it a point to educate you about the therapies, your findings, and their implications, so you feel empowered (not helpless) and can actively take care of your health. By being hands-on in maintaining your wellbeing, you can reach your visions more efficiently.

You can visit the Sage Health and Wellness Clinic at 12 Irwin Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1K9 if you want to see our facilities, but if you want to schedule an appointment, email us at sage@sagehealthandwellness.com or call 1-416-926-8794.