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Toronto Acupuncture Treatment: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illnesses

Although modern medicine continues to develop treatments, old procedures are slowly returning to prominence as more people begin to see their benefits to overall health. Despite having relatively few studies to assess alternative medicine, unorthodox procedures like acupuncture have treated many patients in Canada, in unique facilities distinct from common health centers.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that uses needles to bring harmony to the body and mind. This type of alternative medicine involves strategically inserting thin needles to different parts of the body which practitioners call “energy points”, and in numerous depths. A Toronto acupuncture treatment works by restoring the balance of a life force known as qi, and allowing it to flow freely and unimpeded through any or all of the 350 energy points of the body.

What conditions can acupuncture address?

Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to treat 28 medical conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Some studies suggest that the treatment has therapeutic value for many illnesses. Regular acupuncture sessions can improve the immune system, sleeping habits, weight management, and heart vigor. A few specific sessions, meanwhile, can cure depression or reduce the risk of common health conditions.

Where can you have acupuncture treatments?

Toronto health and wellness facilities, such as Sage Health and Wellness Clinic, Inc. which offers holistic services, can provide patients with unique treatment plans based on a thorough evaluation of their medical history. Multidisciplinary centers have certified and experienced healthcare practitioners who can administer acupuncture treatments depending on patients’ unique health requirements. To help patients financially, some alternative medicine centers partially or fully insure their acupuncture sessions with most insurance providers.

What can you expect in an acupuncture session?

In a typical Toronto acupuncture studio, you will be asked to lie down on your back or side, depending on where the sterile disposable needles would be placed. The first needle insertion is relatively without pain at first, but once the needle bores deeper into the skin, there would be some kind of “deep aching sensation.” The needles would remain on your skin for around 20 minutes.

From the perspective of Western science, acupuncture points have no medical proof or background, and though the treatment itself continues to attract a growing number of participants, it remains a mystery to Western doctors and medical practitioners.

Nevertheless, many people claim to have their health improved by this alternative medicine. There’s never any harm in supporting treatments that positively benefit your overall wellbeing.

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